Awaken Me: Growing Deeper in Bible Study and Prayer. Activate Your Prayer Life through the Wonderful Words of God by Patti Greene is a 365-day, undated prayer journal that can be started anytime during the year. Its purpose is to help you focus on and be consistent in prayer and Bible study by reminding you how God should always be the major influence in your life. If possible, find a quiet, comfortable place where you can spread out with your Bible, journal, pen, highlighter, and your favorite beverage.

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ISBN-13: 978-1490893181

The entries in this journal consist of the following:

- A dateline

- A biblical word medley

- A corresponding Bible verse

- A suggested chapter reading from the Bible

- A glimpse into the contents of the suggested chapter reading

- A reminder to praise, confess and repent, forgive, pray, and thank God daily

- The day’s Scripture section

- An area to write prayer requests and notes

- A “God wants me to …” section

The dateline is intentionally left blank, so you can style the date as you choose and not feel guilty if you miss a day of study. And you won’t waste paper because of unused pages. The biblical word medley creates the page’s major heading. Bible verses are listed from Genesis to Revelation. There is at least one Bible verse from each of the sixty-six books of the Bible. Next is the reminder to include praise, confession and repentance, forgiveness, praying, and thankfulness to your daily quiet time.

During your quiet time with the Lord, these terms will guide you in how to pray.

- To adore means to praise and worship God for who He is.

- To confess and repent means to tell God your sins and turn from them.

- To forgive means to make the choice to forgive yourself or others; it oft en involves some type of action.

- To pray means to communicate with God; it often involves supplication through prayer requests.

- To thank means to show God gratitude and gratefulness for what He has done and what He will do in your life and the lives of others.

The suggested Bible chapter reading comes from the biblical verse and word medley. You are encouraged to take the time to read the entire chapter, so you can experience a deeper overview of the Bible and understand the verse in context. While this prayer journal uses the 1984 NIV Study Bible (fully revised), any version can be used for your personal reading and study. The Scripture thought, question, and keyword sections are left blank to note any insights you may have from the suggested Bible reading, your personal Bible reading, or any other Christian tools you may be using in your study (e.g., Christian magazines, concordances, journals).

It is most important to pray during your quiet time, including compiling a list of prayer requests. Your prayer requests can include ones for your family, country, finances, jobs—whatever you’re feeling in your heart. Be specific in your prayers. Look back over this section of your prayer journal from time to time to see how your prayers are answered, noting God’s wisdom and how He chose to answer your requests. There is a section to write notes, reflections, inspirational thoughts, and God’s voice. And make sure to personalize your journal. It is in this section that you can record your thoughts, fears, feelings, desires, concerns, accomplishments, goals, “Dear God” letters, and more. This is where you can be still and listen to the Lord. Last, there is a response section, where you can express in writing what the Lord may be calling you to do as a result of your daily prayers and Bible study. This may be a call to some type of action for someone you have prayed for or for yourself.

Your devotional prayer journal is your journal. There is no right or wrong way to use this journal. Do not worry about spelling or punctuation. Just allow your thoughts and prayers to flow freely onto the pages. Hopefully, this journal will be used daily, but if you miss a day or two, just pick it up where you left off and start again. You will become wiser, stronger, enlightened, and amazingly transformed.

For those desiring to learn more about how you can accept Jesus Christ and gain the hope of heaven, the publication Have You Heard of the 4 Spiritual Laws? from Campus Crusade for Christ is reprinted in the appendix of this devotional prayer journal.

Former Title: Awaken Me: a devotional prayer journal. Reprinted with new title by Westbow Press.

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