I was born in New York City. After spending my first six months there, our family moved to London, England. My father worked for an oil company and the family accompanied him to the London area. So, I was exposed to a different culture from 6 months old. When I was eight years old, the family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I was placed two grades ahead because of education I received while abroad. When I was starting my junior year in high school, the family moved to Houston, Texas. Moving and leaving my friends was hard on me. I graduated from high school at 16 years old. I attended Baylor University and graduated at the age of 20.

All this moving around made me wonder about the direction of my life. In high school, I was once invited to a Young Life meeting in someone’s home. I had never experienced anything like that. Kids were singing, talking about Scripture, and generally having fun. I only went once or twice. But, the joy I saw stuck in my mind. Then, I remember one young man coming over to my house to tell me about how Jesus had made such a difference in his life and he shared his testimony. I listened. That experience also stuck in mind. Seeds were being planted. Then, when I went to college, I had a girl come to my dorm room and read from a little booklet about accepting Christ. Again, another experience was stored in my mind. More seeds were planted. Then, one night, during October of my first year in college, a friend and I heard that there was going to be a band and a Christian speaker on campus. We decided to go. It was there that a local Houston pastor, Bill Lawson, spoke. He said, “We are all sinners, and we must ask the Lord to forgive our sins, and we must accept Christ into our lives.” So, right there on the second floor of the student union building, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior.

I knew something spectacular happened in my life, but I really had never heard the terms, saved, born again, but something was different in me, and I knew it. It was during my time in college that I started tracking my prayers. I have continued each year since. I now have 42 different prayer journals that I have used and written in – one for each year since I started. Back when I started, there were no fancy, cute journals. Some are plain notebooks, some in old calendar books, some are very thin, and during eventful spiritual years, the journals are thick. I have experimented with different organizations of my journals and at times, I can get quite creative with the layout and format.

After graduating from college, I taught 2nd grade for a few years in Ft. Worth, Texas. After choosing to stay home with our 3 children when they were little, I went back to work when my youngest was in 2nd grade. The Lord was very gracious to me. I am really a stay-at-home mom at heart. Our family moved to St. Louis for a few years, and I became the librarian at the Christian school our children attended. Four years later, we moved back to Houston, I became the librarian at the high school my daughter was attending at the time, and our two sons, eventually attended. In 2012, I retired after being a high school librarian there for 15 years an spent two years living in Lagos, Nigeria which was one of the best experiences in my entire life.

I think that every librarian has a book inside of them just waiting to come out. So, when I prayed about what the Lord wanted me to do – I said, “Lord, how can you use me? I don’t play the piano and I don’t like hanging out at the gym.” The Lord said, “But, Patti, I have been preparing you all these years. I allowed you to grow up in a family that loved books. I surrounded you with books all the time. You have created your own library of prayer journals – 43 years worth. Now is the time to write a book and share with others what I have let you experience. This is your destiny.” So, with the Lord’s guidance, Awaken Me (my first book) was born.


I have a wonderful Christian husband who has supported me so much. Thankfully, we have had the Lord in our lives to lean on and depend on throughout our years together. We have been married for 39 years and have one daughter, two sons, and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Greene holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and Education from Baylor University and has pursued graduate studies in Religious Education and Library Science. Greene is a certified library media specialist who served as a school librarian for 18 years. Recently, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start an online business called The Bib Shoppe. She currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, John. They have three grown children and 5 grandchildren.

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